If you're about to start a business, or be employed in someone else's business, the following list may help. 
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 (1) The ideal business sells the world

 (2) The ideal business enjoys an "inelastic" demand.

 (3) The ideal business is a PURPLE COW.

 (4) The ideal business requires minimal labor, and/or employees.

 (5) The ideal business enjoys low overhead.

 (6) The ideal business does not require big cash outlays.

 (7) The ideal business enjoys cash billings.

 (8) The ideal business is relatively free of government and industry regulations.

 (9) The ideal business is portable or easily moveable.

 (10) The ideal business is satisfying.

 (11) The ideal business leaves you with free time.

 (12) The ideal business does NOT limit your income based on your work.

NOTE: None of us own or work at the ideal business.
But it's helpful knowing what we're looking for and dealing with.

As a buddy of mine once put it, "I can't lay an egg and I can't cook, but I know what a great omelet looks like and tastes like."

The ideal business is based on the Dow Theory Letters which have been written by Richard Russell for fifty years.
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