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Ideas To Hear and Insight To Heed   More will be added when appropriate and timely.
Chris Howard explains how Warren Buffet had the stock market described by his mentor.

Dwight D. Eisenhowers's farewell to office speech.

The World Is Flat by Thomas Freidman, New York Times correspondent, speaking at Harvard University where he describes the changes that have impacted the world in the last two decades.

Compassionate Capitalism, by Rich DeVos co-founder of the Amway Corporation.

Give Me Liberty by Patrick Henry is the speech in 1775 that ignited the colonies, ultimately creating the United States of America.

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser awakened us to our nation's penchantment for eating fast food.

John F. Kennedy's famous speech to "Put an American on the Moon"

Mark Twain, "The Interviewer" a humorous short story

What is "Normal", by comedian Andy Andrews.

Robin Sharma, Put People First

Futurist Frank Feather on the "Webolution"

Why Use Food Supplements, Audra Davis at Nutrilite

Where Are You?  Five relationship experts discuss the current state of marriage in America (total of 7 hours).

Bob Proctor, Goal Getting

Sydney Harmon, Responsible Business

Success by Dr. David Humphrey, MD.

Billy Graham's prayer on 9-11

Cooked In The Squat, Zig Ziglar's famous story about procrastination.

All Marketers Are Liers, by Seth Godin, former VP at Yahoo and founder of Squidoo, describing changes in the market place.

Helen Keller describes life.

Jim Rohn, Four Steps To Communication

Millionaire Mindset, comments by wealthy Brits.

Connie Podesta, Two Questions

Andy Andrews advice about Whiners

Yale Medical School podcast on Cancer and Nutrition

Zip Nada, Bob Payne explains the three ways to spend money.