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What's important about alkaline water?
Acid In The Traditional American Diet
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Most people in our culture have high acid levels in their bodies.  Soft drinks, fast foods, and processed foods deposit more than normal acid waste in our bodies that builds up over time, creating an ideal environment in which diseases of all kinds can thrive. 

Note: The ph of your body can be easily tested with Ph paper that measures the acid/alkali levels of either your saliva or urine (testing urine is more accurate).  Over a period of months, or years, REDOX water will gradually neutralize excess acid in your body.  (Our machine lets you make the water as alkaline as your body can tolerate.) 

Years of accumulated acid waste in stored fat, joints, and throughout the body may takes years to completely remove.  The longer you continue drinking REDOX water, the less your body will be acidic (blood should be 7.365Ph, while urine should fluctuate between 6.8Ph and 7.2Ph).

How long it takes to de-acid your body depends largely on your diet, how strong of REDOX water you drink, how much REDOX water you drink, and how much acid you have stored in fat tissue, joints of the body, and even vital organs like kidneys and liver (not good places to store acid). 

As the cells of your body become less acidic, you will probably notice an increase in energy and stamina . This is sometimes called Reverse Cellular Aging because it allows the body to rejuvenate at a cellular level. 

Reverse cellular aging does not cause you to become younger in physical years. If you are 40 years old, you do not become 20.  However, at a cellular level the forty year old may have the cellular vitality of a twenty year old.   That does not mean the forty year old has the body of a 20-year-old person.  Reverse cellular aging means that the cells that make up our bodies are as active, productive, vital, and functional as those of a 20 year old person.

As the cells of your body become extremely healthy what else will happen?

Only drinking the water will answer that question. 
 After all, the real test for REDOX water is to DRINK THE WATER, which is why we created our cost effective machine ... so you can try the water ... at your convenience ... without only a security deposit to cover damage to the machine. 

Since you have been drinking water your whole life, changing to
REDOX water is a minuscule change compared to eating a mountain of raw produce every day which would also be a very healthy thing to do.


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