Discover $200 to $500 a month
you do not know you have.
Subscriptions .... 30 Day Trials ... Upgrades  
We really do want you to "try the water" for thirty days ... not just think about it.
Two ways to order with confidence using Pay Pal secure credit card processing.
When you are ready to "try the water" for a thirty day trial period, choose how you want to pay for the machine (see examples at the right).  

If you choose the "Buy Now" option, Pay Pal will bill the full purchase price.  When Pay Pal notifies us that you have made a purchase, we will ship theREDOX   machine to you within three days. You have thirty days from when you receive the machine to determine if you want to keep the machine.  If you return the machine within the thirty day test period, or contact us to tell us you are intending to return the machine, we will request Pay Pal to refund your full purchase price as soon as we receive the returned machine.

If you choose the "Subscribe" button, there is NO CHARGE to your credit card for six weeks. You have six weeks from time of purchase (not from the time you receive the machine)to determine if you want to keep the machine. After six weeks, Pay Pal will bill your credit card for either 1/2 or 1/3 of the price of the machine.  Pay Pal will bill your credit card until the balance is paid (either two monthly payments or three monthly payments depending on which machine you order).  At that time your order is paid completely, the subscription is automatically canceled by Pay Pal, not Symbiosis Enterprises.  
There are no additional charges for using the subscrition option.  

NOTE:  We can neither cancel your subscription order, nor have Pay Pal send a refund for a subscription order after billing.  Only you can cancel the subscription order because only you have access to your temporary (10 weeks) Pay Pal subscription account.  If you have not gone into your Pay Pal subscription account and canceled the subscription order, Pay Pal will automatically bill your credit card.  Pay Pal does give a business the option for refunding a subscription payment because subscriptions are designed for people buying a digital eMagazine, eBook club membership, or monthly Newsletter.  We chose this unusual way of paying for non-digital products to make it easier to you to simply "Try The Water."

Upgrade Policy:
After you have "tried the water" with one of our standard laboratory grade plastic containers, you may want to upgrade to a larger machine, or a more visually pleasing Ceramic machine or a more convenient flow through Enagic Machine.  To upgrade to a Ceramic REDOX Machine, simply advise us by telephone (408-723-4777) or email and we will send you a link to Pay Pal to pay the difference between the "Try The Water" machine and the Ceramic REDOX Machine you want
(only Pay Pal has your credit card number).   The upgrade price will be reduced by the estimated shipping costs for you to return the "try the water" machine. When Pay Pal informs us of your upgrade purchase, we will ship you the complete machine of your choice.  

Note: Returned machines must be in suitable for re-condition and at-cost resale or free donation to low income families.  

If you do NOT want to keep the REDOX Machine, nor upgrade to another machine, simply return the REDOX Machine at the end of the thirty day trial period.  Note: If you purchased using the Subscribe option, only you can cancel your purchase agreement with Pay Pal.  

If you purchased using a Buy Now button, upon receipt of your returned machine, we will advise Pay Pal to credit any payment that has already been billed to your credit card. We will NOT reimburse you for the cost of return shipping.

REDOX Machines that have been "used for thirty days" and returned, will be offered to qualified low income people at our cost or as a gift.  Therefore, we ask you to be a benefactor of those less fortunate than you, by returning the used REDOX machine promptly and in good condition.

Click on the "Buy Now" button above to order a one gallon Family Size REDOX-4 Machine.  Pay Pal charges your credit card the full $247.47 when you order. You have thirty days after receiving the machine to return the machine for a full credit.  When we receive the returned machine, we contact Pay Pal so they can refund your purchase price.

Click on the "Subscribe" button above to order a one gallon Family Size REDOX-4 Machine on a six week trial basis, beginning when the order is placed, followed by three equal monthly payments. (Six weeks is to allow shipping time to you and/or return shipping to us.)
For the first six weeks, Pay Pal will NOT bill your credit card. After six weeks, Pay Pal will bill your credit card for only $85.49 for the next THREE MONTHS  which completes the purchase.  


Symbiosis Enterprises does NOT process your credit card number, only Pay Pal has access to your credit card information.

We ship the "try the water" machine of your choosing within three working days of when Pay Pal informs us of your desire to "try the water."