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What are free radicals?
Oxygen That Is NOT Good For You

Free radical damage is considered the leading cause of aging.  (Environmental toxins and heavy metals are considered major contributors to chronic poor health.)  Free radicals (O1) are oxygen molecules that have one less electron than they need to function as stable, life supporting oxygen (O2).  Free radicals will take an electron from a healthy cell, which damages the healthy cell, in order to become a complete oxygen molecule.  Free radicals are not patriotic, and not your friends.  They are also quite natural.

Free radicals are a natural byproduct of living.  Breathing creates free radicals.  Walking creates free radicals.  Perhaps even thinking about free radicals creates free radicals.  

A healthy diet of seven to twelve servings of produce EVERY day (see 2003 USDA guidelines), should produce enough antioxidants to "quench" (give a spare electron) all the free radicals produced during normal daily activity  (two well known examples of antioxidants would be vitamin C and vitamin E).

High intakes of a variety of produce has historically been enough to maintain good health  ... except when environmental toxins overload the system.  That's when manufactured hydroxyl ions (Redox Water)  become very important. 

The counterpart to a free radical is an hydroxyl ion, which is measured in millivolts and often called Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP.  Hydroxyl ions, or ORP, are produced by plants during photosynthesis. Hydroxyl ions from plants seek out free radicals in order to give away spare electrons and neurtralize free radicals.  Hydroxyl ions are what give fresh squeezed orange juice that "slight effervescence," which is really a faint electrical charge, which frozen or bottled orange juice lacks.

Man made hydroxyl ions also seek out and neutralize free radicals.  Hydroxyl ions can be made in abundance by using an electric current to split water molecules using an ancient process called electrolysis. Hydroxyl ions formed by electrolysis are an easily replenished source of free radical quenching electrons, with no calories, and no side effects.  

One cup of fresh squeezed orange juice contains an average of -100 millivolts (a measure of free radical quenching potential).  One cup of
REDOX electrolyzed water will frequently measure -500 millivolts, or the equivalent of five glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice.  

Orange juice also includes chemically based nutrients like vitamin C and bioflavenoids.  
Triple conditioned water does not have nutrients, but does have high levels of hydroxyl ions.  Orange juice that is more than a day old still contains chemical nutrients but does not retain hydroxyl ions.  Like fresh squeezed orange juice, electrolyzed water only retains hydroxyl ions for about a day.

Currently, there is NO Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for hydroyl ions.  Nor is there a known upper limit for hydroxyl ions (how much is too much).  However, there is an RDA for water and there are limits for the amount of hydroxyl ions that water can hold.

A person should drink half their body weight in ounces of water EVERY day.  A two hundred pound person should drink 100 ounces of water (about 3/4 of a gallon) ... EVERY day.

Depending on the mineral content of the water, and brew time, water can retain as little as -100 millivolts (similar to fresh squeezed orange juice) and as much as -1,000 millivolts (used therapeutically in Japanese hospitals).  A REDOX Machine produces hydroxyl ions ranging from -300 to -700 millivolts, depending on mineral content and brew time.  

Drinking half your body weight in ounces of REDOX water with hydroxyl ions (ORP) is not particularly difficult.  Drinking fresh squeezed orange juice, in order to acquire the same amount of hydroxyl ions, would present some significant challenges.

Therefore, enjoy your morining glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  Then, throughout the day, sip on a large bottle of REDOX triple conditioned water ... loaded with hydroxyl ions.  You may not look ten years younger, but you may easily feel ten years younger.


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