How do you use a RedOx machine?  

Using any of the RedOx machines is as easy as making a pot of coffee.  

First, fill both RedOx tanks with filtered water.  

(The inner tank can take from of the outer tank.  By slowly sink the inner tank, from the outer tank.

Hang an electrode on the edge of each tank.  Connect the red alligator clip to the electrode in the red tank, and the blue alligator clip to the electrode in the blue tank.  Plug the voltage converter into a wall outlet, or the appliance timer (included with the purchase). 

After one to eight hours, unplug the voltage converter, remove the electrodes, pour the acid water tank (inner tank) down the drain (or on your roses), and save the alkaline water for drinking. 

Each RedOx machine produces unusually refreshing RedOx water in one to eight hours, depending on the amount of dissolved minerals (hardness) in the water being conditioned and the desired potency of the conditioned water.