What are "Friendly Fees?"  
 "Friendly Fees" are a new way of marketing that uses word of mouth advertising rather than conventional or indirect advertising.

In conventional marketing, a business pays for a yellow pages ad, spots on TV, or a promotional letter sent through the US Mail.  The advertising is paid for in advance of any sales ... or more appropriately ... even if there are NO sales that result from the advertising.  Conventional marketing is an expensive risk with no guarantee of the results in advance.

Indirect marketing is a less conventional marketing.  Indirect marketing happens when a customer promotes a product simply by wearing or using the product.  The huge letters F O R D on the tailgate of a pickup is free advertising for the Ford Motor Company.  Movies use indirect marketing when the star of the movie shows the label of the can of soda pop he is drinking, or dodges bullets by ducking behind an advertising billboard.  
The Nike swoosh emblem on a running shoe is form of indirect free advertising for Nike.  In indirect marketing a person recommends Nike shoes by wearing Nike shoes.

"Friendly Fees" are a natural extension of indirect marketing.  
In "Friendly Fees" marketing, anyone who uses a business's product or service earns a "Friendly Fee" when their recommendation results in a sale.    If Nike were to use "Friendly Fees" marketing, when a person wearing Nike shoes recommends Nike shoes to a friend, then some of the profit resulting from the sale of a pair of Nike shoes would go to the person who made the recommendation.    

"Friendly Fees" are like a Thank You gift from a business to a customer.  Here's how it works with
REDOX water machines.

Suppose you have been drinking 
REDOX water for a month when a friend at work asks "Why do you seem to have more energy?"  So, you briefly explain the subtle (or dramatic) improvements you have noticed since switching to REDOX water.  Your friend is curious, so you offer to bring an extra sport bottle of REDOX water to work so he can try some too.  After a week, your friend wants to have his own REDOX water machine, so he orders one from this website and puts your name in the comments box of the Pay Pal sales page.  

A few weeks later, when chatting with your cousin in the next state, you mention how you have benefited from the
REDOX water.  Your cousin would like to try the water, but you can't share your REDOX water like you did with your co-worker.  However, because of your recommendation, your cousin orders a REDOX water machine for a thirty day trial period.  At the end of thirty days, your cousin decides to complete the purchase and puts your name as a reference in the comment box at the Pay Pal sales page.

Because you shared your  REDOX water with a friend at work and shared your results from REDOX water with a cousin in another state, your word of mouth advertising resulted in two sales of REDOX water machines.  

As a result of your indirect marketing,
Symbiosis Enterprises, the company that manufactures the REDOX water machines, made money.  

Because you did the work of advertising, resulting in the sale of two
REDOX water machine, isn't it fair that you should get paid for your work?

"Friendly Fees" payment:  After you have purchased a REDOX machine for personal use, you will probably tell friends and relatives about the results you had with the REDOX machine.  If a sale results from your experience with Redox water, for every completed sale of a REDOX water machine, that results of your indirect marketing, Symbiosis Enterprises will send you a check for 10% of the final sales price.  For every completed sale of a $125.00 ROADOX, travel machine, Symbiosis Enterprises will send you a check for $12.50.  If your referral results in the sale of a Ceramic Redox Machine at $350.00, the you would earn a thank you check for $35.00.

There is no limit on how many "Friendly Fees" you can receive.

Limitations:  "Friendly Fees" are only paid on the purchase of a complete machine, not accessories, and do not become cumulative when a machine is upgraded.  "Friendly Fees" will be paid when a person purchases a second machine for personal use.  "Friendly Fees" will be paid upon completion of a sale, not when someone orders a thirty day trial of a
REDOX water machine.  Because every REDOX water has a thirty day money back guarantee, "Friendly Fees" will be paid after the purchase has been completed.  

Reminder: The person placing the order on Pay Pal must identify the recipient of the "Friendly Fee."  Machines purchased through eBay will not qualify for Friendly Fees because eBay gets the fee.