The RedOx Classic Crock 
Is healthy water essential for your good health?
Classic Crock RedOx Machine
Brews 2.5 gallons at a time.  Free shipping to continental USA only. The is a classic "blue stripe" water crock.   

RedOx 2.5 gallon classic water crock: comes inside tank (acid tank), spigot, wood stand (assembly), lid, electrodes, transformer, and appliance timer.  RedOx Classic Crocks produce 2 GALLONS of Refreshing RedOx WATER.

RedOx Classic Crock comes with a REMOVEABLE 100 ounces of heavy duty laboratory grade PEHD tank (BPA free and FDA approved). Inside the plastic water separates the acidic water, from the ceramic tank holds the health alkaline water. Because of the large water volume, the two medical grade titanium electrodes have been increased to a massive 24 square inches of surface area.  

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How to use the RedOx Classic Crock water machine.

1.Fill the tank ceramic to just over the top one stop of one inch.  The water should be contaminant free “filtered” water.  Do not use distilled or reverse osmosis water unless you add minerals like sea salt.
2. Place the inner plastic ta
nk inside (slowly the fill up check valve) the ceramic tank.  
3. Insert one electrode in each ceramic tank and one electrode in each inside plastic tank.
4. Attach the RED alligator clip to the end of the electrode in the acid (non drinkable) inside plastic tank.
5. Attach the BLUE alligator clip to the alkaline (drinkable) side of the large Small Crock tank.
6. Plug the voltage converter into a wall outlet.
7. After one hour (mild) to three hours (strong), unplug the converter from the wall outlet.
8. Disconnect both alligator clips.
9. Lift the inner plastic tank (acid tank) out of the RedOx water crock and pour the water into the sink.
Dispense delicious RedOx water through the no drip valve in the glasses or sport bottles throughout the day. 

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RedOx Crock Machine is $308.00

Ceramics options
RedOx Crock Machine by four months $78.67

2.5 Gallon Ceramic Crock

Free Shipping in USA 

Classic Blue Stripe With Wooden Stand
(some assembly required)

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Satisfaction guarantee.

Use the RedOx machine for one full month.  Process as much water as you wish.  At the end of a month, if you do not feel the RedOx  machine is of benefit, simply return the machine for a full refund.  We will refund the purchase price, but not the return shipping charges (could be $25 for Ceramic Machines and must be insured).  Returned machines are re-sold at cost, or donated to, low income families.  Return shipping address: Symbiosis Enterprises  2885 C Aiello Drive  San Jose, Ca. 95111