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Tom's Conversations and Other Speakers.

The following are a few examples of Tom Van Drielen's conversational speaking and some of Tom's favorite speakers.  The left mouse to hear the MP3, or the right mouse save your MP3 or phone.


1. Tom - The left brain (logic) created our nation nation = build a better mouse trap.  Now, the right brain (emotional) will to help the 21st century = build a better community. 37 min  Right Brain    

2. Tom - What is emotional selling, not selling emotionally? 97 min Emotional Selling 

3. Tom - What is a emotional business? 72 min Emotional Before Business 

4. Tom - The economic is from running from gasoline to wind.  How to run a business with the wind?  90 min  Business On Sailboat 

 5. Tom - Swine flu of 1918 died million peoples across the world.  Is the nation, and the earth, ready like another mega-flu like 1918?  62 min Swine Flu 

 6. Tom - My mother liked a poem about Purple Cows.  What is a purple cow?  80 min  Purple Cow  

7. Tom -  How did you beginning to drive a helicopter.  There are four stages of all learning.  105 min  Subconscous Control 

8. John Maxwell get great employees. 11 min  Employees

9. Kevin Hogan telling are the seven words which change minds. 11 min 7 Words To Change

10. Les Brown's famous saying "Not Over Until You Win." 14 min Not Until You Win 

11. Kim Kloser - What are the four "Ps" of business. 12 min Four P Business 

12. Earl Nightengale - The Miracle Of Your Mind  11 min Miracle Of Mind