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Corollariesby Tom Van Drielen, identifies historic, current, and newly emerging beliefs (corollaries) that govern society and business.  The corollaries of the Information Age are critical to understanding the changes in business.  This mini-book is in EZ format.

Uncommon Common Sense by Tom Van Drielen, explains investing in world when the stock market and real estate are not trustworthy investments.  This mini-book is in EZ format.

22 Lessons from Baseball, by Ron White, Light reading with moral and ethical insights based on stories about famous baseball players.

(I have permission to distribute as long as the book is not changed and not sold.)

Acres of Diamond, text form of a speech given 6,000 times, to hundreds of thousands of people, about finding treasure where you least expect it.

Acres Of Diamond (EZ reading), a finding treasure for reading on the comuter.

As a Man Thinketh, James Allen, This is a 100 year old personal growth classic, which is a little awkward to read because our language has changed. 

Best Articles, by Patrick Chan is a collection of articles written by internet gurus.  Most apply to online retail sales of your own products, but there are a few articles that really hit home with network marketers like us.

Blogging Secrets, by James Maduk teaches how to set up and run a blog to attract the maximum attention.  Very interesting reading with many ideas that will work with email too.

Millionaire Next Door, (14 page mini-edition) is a quick read to find out exactly how millionaires make money and their life style, which may surprise you.

Born Rich, by Bob Proctor one of the teachers in the movie The Secret, talks about how success is typically just a matter of fractions, not orders of magnitude. 

Born Rich, Chapter 8, The Razor's Edge, by Bob Proctor who has worked with Jim Rohn for decades.  This is just chapter 8 from the book above and well worth the two minutes it takes to read it.

Character, by Samuel Smiles, examines the characteristics of character, a very important quality for any small business owner.  This is a little less wordy than his book on Self Help and perhaps more valuable to network marketers.

Common Denominator of Success, by Albert Grey is a seventy year old master piece that billionaire Jack Doughry carries in his pocket everywhere he goes.  This little book changed his life.  Will it do the same for you?

Compensation by Ralph Waldo Emerson, discusses the "Law Of Attraction" from a different prespective.

Education by Ralph Waldo Emerson was written when the colleges of America were beginning to teach engineering and other such "trades".  Emerson believed that an education should teach people how to live not how to make a living.

Business Taxes for small business and home based business, by Sanford Botkin, attorney and CPA. Mr. Botkin's was a former trainer of IRS agents specializing in small business and home based business.  To learn more, go to his website
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles was written over 100 years ago, is as easy to read as the daily newspaper, and has influenced hundreds of current trainers, and financial gurus.  Read and apply for your great success.  Read and ignore at your peril.

The 26 Year Age CEO   Shama Kabani, a 26 year old CEO.  Shama has written about relations, and money.  Her story, “26 Lessons from a 26 Years Old CEO,” takes 6 pages (you read at 200 words, it takes about 5 minutes).  

Marcia Weider, the America's Dream Coach, has some of ideas about "Taking Time."

Power of Letting Go, (EZ reading) Jamie Smart is a NLP trainer in England who lets you "how to control you anger"

Five Loves Language, (EZ reading) this is a seven page cliff notes. Read the whole book at Barnes and Noble.

Money And Power, (EZ reading) complied by Robert Ringer's newsletter, what is money, and resulting power
The Accidental Business by Tom Van Drielen, illustrates a time in the near future in which only 10% of the population will have conventional jobs.  Over 50 million jobs have already disappeared. This mini-book is in EZ format.

Entrepreneurial DNA by Tom Van Drielen, shows why humans are entrepreneurs by birthright, how to discover your creative side, how to evaluate an opportunity, and more.  Available here in EZ format and on Amazon in kindle format.  The first two chapters are free at this site.
Fresh Ideas by Robert Kiyosaki, discusses new ways to look at money, investing, and becoming wealthy.

Greatest Secrets, by Yanik Silver the internet marketing guru who became wealthy in just months teaches how to use language in marketing and communication to increase your skills.

Introduction to Small Business Tax Advantages, by Sanford Botkins a CPA, Attorney, and former IRS trainer of IRS agents.  An overview of the benefits of owning a home managed business.

Overcoming Rejection by Denis Waitley, explains why salesmanship is such a difficult skill to master.

University of Hard Knocks, by Parlette  Great "How To" book for new IBOS.  Highly recommend you send this 89 page book to each new IBO on your team. 

Patterns of Persuasion a collage of "embedded commands" from neuro linguistic programmers.

Self Help , by Samuel Smiles, for avid readers, nearly 300 pages, in which Mr. Smiles looks at every conceivable perspective on self-help: personal, business, community, government, etc.

Success by Napoleon Hill, easy reading considering it was written in the 1930's

Taxes For Small Business by Sanford Botkins, CPS, Attorney, and former trainer of IRS agents specializing in small businesses and home based businesses.

Wellness, by Eldon Taylor, PhD.  Great mini-book on the inter relationship between mind and body that has direct application to building a TNT business.

Winning Through Intimidation, by Robert Ringer, this was on the New York Times best seller list for a year in 1995.  Great information, terrible title.  This book should be titled "How not to be intimidated".)

Unleash The Ideavirus by Seth Godin is the #1 eBook in the world, with over ONE MILLION downloads and counting.  Seth is the author of ten bestsellers, former VP at Yahoo, and founder of

 Our National Anthem by Issac Assimov, a famous scientist, explains his understanding of the Star Spangled Banner.
Articles Made Millions by Patrick Chan is a collection of advertising, each of which produced multiple millions of dollars in revenue.
Blogging Secrets by James Maduk explains how to use this new phenomenon called "blogging" to enhance your business.
Unleash The Ideavirus by Seth Godin is the #1 eBook in the world, with over ONE MILLION downloads and counting.  Seth is the author of ten bestsellers, former VP at Yahoo, and founder of  

Terror Of The Machine, by Henry Ford is an excerpt from "My Life And Work."  This edition has been converted into large print for easier viewing on a computer screen.  It is not in EZ format so you will have to scroll down.  

Eight Pillars Of Prosperity, by James Allen  This all these pillars are todays as in 1910: Energy, Economy, Integrity, System, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality, and Self Reliance

James Allen, The Life Triumphant (EZ reading) well worth the 150 pages.

Five Rules For Wealths, (EZ reading) Kevin Hogan explains how to make wealth ... easy reading.

The Stranges Secret (EZ reading), by Earl Nightengale, was the first million record (pre-cd) selling of a non-music record

The Three Second Sales by Mark Joyner from his book The Irresistable Offer (ask me for the 235 page pdf of the book)

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